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Allies and accomplices are essential partners in the movement for black lives. Racial justice and liberation only happens when truth plus accountability meet love. White folks who want to do the work often don't know where to start or are worried they'll do it wrong. That's why we created the Humanize My Hoodie Ally Workshop.

If you're ready to dig deeper, you'll learn:



  • The role of allies and accomplices in the movement for black lives.

  • Why the label of ally or accomplice is less important than changed attitudes and commitment to action.

  • How to talk about the hoodie in the context of racial justice and police brutality. 

  • What you can expect when you wear the ally hoodie and how you can create conversations that shift the narrative.

  • How you can follow the lead of black activists and organizers in the movement for black lives.

Receive 2 Continuing Education Credits by taking this workshop

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