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Humanize My Hoodie Book & Documentary

By Andre Wright and Jason Sole

Over the last three years, the Humanize My Hoodie Movement has strategically challenged perceptions of threat by using a simple, yet complex, garment. In this book, you will learn how two Black men turned an idea into a movement spanning the globe. While living in two of the worst states for Black people, they’ve disrupted the status quo in academia, fashion industry, corporate America, museums, libraries, music industry, prisons, and beyond.


To compliment the book, you get a 30 minute documentary that captures the journey of two black men trying to survive in a world that doesn’t appreciate their Black skin. This biopic highlights their childhoods, adulthood, and their Road to New York Fashion Week.


We need your help in de-stigmatizing clothing trends associated with Black and Indigenous People of Color. The senseless killings of Black people at the hands of police officers have spurred conversations about society’s perception of the hoodie. Simply put: If you are Black and sporting a hoodie, YOU ARE CONSIDERED A THREAT. We seek to create a world in which our fashion isn’t probable cause for us to be slain in the streets! Click here to learn more!

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